How Brain Injury Affects Accident Victims

Last updated on December 14, 2021

The brain is a complex organ. When negligent acts result in brain damage, victims and their families require both medical care and a higher level of sophisticated legal advocacy. From minor impairments to severe disabilities, a brain injury affects victims differently.

Loved ones must deal with the effects of traumatic brain injuries to a family member. Brain damage leading to disabilities takes various forms and includes delusions, speech and movement problems, intellectual disability and personality changes. More seriously injured victims require around-the-clock care as they are in a coma and persistent, vegetative state.

Compassionate Representation For New York City Residents

Queens personal injury lawyer Ron Ramirez dedicates all of his firm’s resources (legal, financial and medical) toward protecting the rights of his clients suffering the effects of brain damage. Regardless of the length or complexity of the case, he remains at their side, always pursuing the best possible outcome.

At Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, we suggest you take immediate action. The effects of a car crash, construction site accident or slip-and-fall may not be revealed until months after the tragic event. Symptoms may not show up immediately. For many, the effects of a brain injury do not show for many months and years.

Prognosis depends on the location and the cause of the traumatic brain injury. Areas of the brain can compensate for the damaged area, increasing in size and complexity. The area can even change functions.

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