TBI Poses A Serious Risk To Children

Every facet of a child’s life can be affected by a traumatic brain injury traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even seemingly minor injuries to the head can result in a range of negative health effects, some of which may never completely resolve.

Our team at Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, is well aware of the potential damage that a TBI can cause for clients in New York City and Forest Hills. We possess expansive knowledge of health conditions associated with TBI, as well as the types of treatments that have been beneficial to victims in the past. We can use this information to determine the amount of compensation your child will need now and in the future.

Watch For The Symptoms Of TBI

As stated by the Brain Injury Association of America, a few factors dictate what type of symptoms a child will experience as a result of a TBI. For instance, the area of the brain where an injury occurs can have an impact, as can the severity of the injury. The following are just a few of the symptoms associated with TBI:

  • Problems with reading and writing
  • Seizures
  • An inability to manage emotions
  • Depression
  • Issues with memory
  • Paralysis

While certain medical treatments have been shown to be helpful in the past, it can be hard to determine whether a child will make a full recovery. In many cases, children will develop a range of effects simultaneously. Our attorney’s background with these types of injuries allows us to provide you with information on treatment options that best suit your child’s needs.

Know Your Options

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