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Emotional Symptoms Of Brain Injury

By now, you may know that brain injuries are complicated and sometimes difficult to diagnose. The most difficult and stubborn symptoms have to do with emotional expressions of injury — difficult moods and feelings rather than broken bones and surgery.

The effects of head trauma are not fully understood, but 21st century medicine is advancing in its ability to evaluate and treat problems with the brain that can begin with a head injury. If you or a loved one has experienced a brain injury, you may have noticed difficulties like:

  • Depression, which can manifest itself in sleep disturbances, feelings of sadness, low energy or loss of interest in normal activities
  • Frustration and irritability
  • Anxiety, worry and PTSD symptoms like panic
  • Difficulty performing necessary job functions

It can be painful to see a family member or friend experience these problems. The New York City firm of Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, understands the complexity of brain injury, and we know how to protect the legal rights of people who were injured by the negligence of others.

Human Witnesses And Scientific Evidence

The impact of a brain injury must be proven in order to obtain compensation for victims and their families. This often requires the help of medical experts who can explain to a jury what they see in the evidence. Medical experts can document emotional and mental disorders as well as physical injuries.

In many brain injury cases that go to trial, the most important witness is the “before and after” witness. This is usually a family member or close friend who has known the injured person for years. This person can help the case by testifying that the injured friend or family member has changed in personality or behavior.

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