Sports Concussions And Lasting Brain Damage

Here in the United States, our sporting culture usually demands that people suffering from any type of injury “walk it off” and get back into the action. Unfortunately for many athletes, that attitude could lead to lasting brain damage and its related effects.

We at Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, have a deep knowledge of concussions and their long-term effects. From our office in Forest Hills, Queens, we serve injured athletes throughout the five boroughs of New York City who are suffering from post-concussion syndrome and other forms of brain damage due to their athletic competitions. You can contact us today if you are suffering from a sports concussion because:

  • Your coach forced you to go back into a game without medical attention.
  • Your team or league hid information from you about the effects of concussions and brain injuries.
  • Sports doctors incorrectly diagnosed concussions and you kept playing.
  • You were not given the proper safety equipment to prevent concussions.

We Will Fight For You When Others Try To Take Advantage Of You

If not given the proper rehabilitation time, the effects of a concussion — headaches, fatigue, memory loss — can become much worse and last far longer. An experienced personal injury lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of brain injuries, our founder, lawyer Ronald Ramirez, can help you.

A member of the Brain Injury Association of America, Ronald can conduct a full investigation of your case, including if any negligence played a role in you sustaining a concussion or suffering additional brain damage. He also has a large network of medical experts he can consult with to strengthen your claim for compensation.

Injuries happen in sports, but in many cases they can be avoided or the side effects can be lessened with proper care. When others’ negligence leads to your pain and suffering, we can help. Contact us today by calling 917-300-0778 to schedule a free initial consultation.