When Auto Accidents Cause Brain Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents cause more cases of traumatic brain injury than anything else. Speed kills and injures people, but mostly because of negligent drivers.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a car crash, a truck accident or motorcycle accident, make sure you get proper medical care right away. And make sure you talk to an experienced personal injury attorney if you believe your injuries were caused by someone else’s actions.

We Concentrate On Brain Injury Cases In The New York City Area

At Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, we concentrate on serious brain injury cases in New York City and the New York metropolitan area. If your life has been changed by a head injury, we can help you address the many challenging aspects of your situation:

  • Getting your injury diagnosed by a brain injury expert, not a primary care physician or another type of doctor
  • Dealing with the medical bills you have now and the bills you may have in the future
  • Coping with the loss of income you may have experienced
  • Helping you understand how personal injury cases work and how insurance companies operate when their money is on the line
  • Holding the negligent party responsible through a personal injury lawsuit, if appropriate

We understand the complicated nature of car accident-related brain injuries. We know how to get results in significant injury cases.

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