Frequently Asked Questions In Brain Injury Cases

Brain injury is a confusing topic. Most people who come to our offices have many questions about their injuries and about how personal injury lawsuits work. Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, is a highly skilled New York City firm that concentrates on significant brain injury lawsuits. We have over 35 years of experience focusing on brain injury litigation cases. We have obtained millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our injured clients. We welcome your inquiries. This FAQ page is not intended to give legal advice – it presents a series of questions that are relevant to brain injuries and personal injury litigation.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer If The Negligence Was Obvious?

Even if negligence may seem obvious, an experienced brain injury lawyer can protect your best interests in the long run by pursuing the maximum compensation available for your recovery. You may have a right to seek damages for medical costs, rehabilitative expenses, lost wages, loss of future earnings, and pain and suffering from more than one negligent party, for example. A seasoned attorney can negotiate on your behalf and help you decide when your claim should be litigated in court for the optimal result.

How Long Will It Take To Sue The Negligent Party?

New York personal injury laws are complex. Generally, there is a three-year statute of limitations to file a claim against a negligent party. However, in brain injury and head trauma cases, exceptions to extend the period could be granted, depending on the nature of the victim’s circumstances. The length of time for building a case also depends on gathering evidence such as medical records and witness statements.

How Much Money Can I Expect To Receive If I Win A Lawsuit?

The amount of money for each case depends on the severity of the brain injury or head trauma. In general, the negligent party can be found liable to pay for your medical costs, rehabilitative expenses, specialized equipment, health care staff, lost wages, loss of future earnings, and pain and suffering.

Can You Guarantee Particular Results?

No. While our firm has over 35 years of experience, each case is unique. We do not know how long it is going to take for you to get better nor what medical treatment will be required. When we meet with you for your free case evaluation, we can review your specific facts and circumstances with you. We network with physicians and financial experts to build a solid strategy to achieve the optimal result; however, we do not guarantee your results.

Why Is The Insurance Company Making My Life Miserable?

Insurance companies maintain their profit margin by attempting to pay out the lowest amount possible for your injuries. Many insurance companies will begin this process by denying responsibility for the claim. When that effort is not successful, their next step is attempting to pay out a low amount by minimizing your injuries. It is important to work with a highly skilled attorney to protect your right to get the full compensation for your injuries.

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions. Contact Us Today.

It matters which personal injury lawyer you hire. Not every attorney can handle your brain injury case. Bringing a lawsuit is highly sophisticated. You may have to go to court, you may have to testify, but only if it is in your best interests. At Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, we welcome the opportunity to listen to other questions you may have. If you or one of your family members has experienced brain injury symptoms, please email us or call us at 917-300-0778 to schedule your consultation. We can answer your specific questions during a free case evaluation. Our offices are in midtown Manhattan and Forest Hills, Queens.