Understanding The Causes Of Brain Injuries

The human brain is resilient, but it cannot withstand excessive force exerting itself on a person’s head without suffering damage.

Brain injuries can come in many forms. Many life-changing injuries are caused by head trauma from:

  • Falls resulting from unsafe conditions
  • Car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle crashes
  • Work injuries related to construction, trades and other jobs
  • Assaults, fights and attacks
  • Poisoning as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals or gases

If you have developed a seizure disorder or suspect that a brain injury may have occurred, get the medical help you need, and get the legal advice you need if you believe someone else’s negligence may have caused the accident.

At Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, we understand the causes of brain injuries. We sue negligent parties on behalf of clients who have fallen down, been hit in the head or knocked out, or have otherwise been injured as a result of someone else’s actions.

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Many insurance companies have skilled lawyers and doctors whose job is to disprove serious injury claims and avoid compensating those injured by the negligent individuals and businesses they insure. For that reason, injured people and their families need a strong advocate.

When it comes to representation in a brain injury case, good intentions and legal knowledge are not enough. Our firm has the financial resources, the scientific resources and the intellectual ability to handle difficult, highly technical cases. Our track record of six-figure verdicts and settlements (including a recent case that yielded $6 million in compensation for one of our clients) is proof.

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