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Child injury leads to $7.1 million verdict

For many students in New York, football is a way of life. For them, their lives center around practice and games. Unfortunately, as recent news stories indicate, the sport carries many risks. In fact, a result lawsuit indicates that football can cause a serious child injury, especially if injuries aren't quickly recognized.

The lawsuit centered on an injury suffered by a then 14-year-old boy in a game in Oct. 2013. According to reports, one of the teen's teammates noticed that something was not right with the young man, but when he told his concerns to his coach, he was "shushed." Ten to 15 minutes later, a teammate noticed that the teen had vomited.

Saliva test can help diagnose children with brain injuries

A majority of the research associated with traumatic brain injuries relates to adults. However, significantly more attention should go toward children because they make up a sizable portion of all brain injury sufferers in the United States. Every year, over three million children receive concussion diagnoses, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics

Parents of children who have sustained head trauma should ask their doctors whether a saliva test would be prudent. This test is relatively new, and it could help doctors better determine how long a child will experience the symptoms of the concussion. 

Retrial ordered in case alleging doctor errors

Those suffering from pain in New York are often desperate for relief. As a result, they seek medical care with the understanding that the care provided will be appropriate and will relieve their pain, not worsen their overall situation. Unfortunately, a man in another state claims that doctor errors concerning his wife caused her brain damage. Although originally awarded $22 million, his case was recently overturned on appeal.

The case involves a woman seeking treatment for chronic back pain. She reportedly received two epidural steroid injections from a doctor who worked as a anesthesiologist and pain management specialist. However, during the third treatment, the patient's husband claims that the doctor ignored alarms from a pulse oximeter, indicating that that her blood oxygen levels dropped.

Mother claims drugged nurse caused child injury

New parents in New York spend a great deal of time worrying about their babies. While some of this concern is simply the anxiety of parents, some ultimately face their worst nightmare -- the hospitalization of their child. While they expect medical professionals to have the best interests of their child at heart, some patients ultimately experience a child injury as a result of negligence on the part of care providers.

Unfortunately, a woman in another state claims that her son was the victim of such treatment. He was admitted to Nicklaus Children's Hospital at 4 months old because he had the flu. Because of a genetic condition related to his lungs, a breathing tube was utilized. The child's mother claims that one day when a nurse was giving her son a bath, the nurse pulled out his breathing tube, ultimately resulting in a loss of oxygen that caused brain damage.

More parents forbid their kids from playing football

Football has been an American pastime for decades. From high school football games to the Super Bowl, there are many ways people bond over the sport. However, some reports suggest football could become a relic of the past. There has been a drastic increase in the number of parents who do not allow their kids to engage in the sport. 

In a poll conducted in 2016, around 44 percent of adults with children under the age of 18 were not likely to allow their kids to play the sport. In 2013, that number was only 8 percent. The reason many parents seem to be reluctant to allow their kids to play football is that it is an extremely physical sport, and there is a high risk of players experiencing traumatic brain injuries

Lawsuit: Doctor errors caused boy's brain injury

The birth of a child is an exciting, but terrifying, time for expectant parents in New York and across the country. As such, they often rely on medical professionals to provide the advice on how best to proceed. Unfortunately, parents in another state claim that doctor errors caused a brain injury in their son that will have lifelong consequences.

The now 16-year-old boy was born in Aug. 2001. He was born vaginally with the use of a vacuum and forceps. At the time of delivery, he reportedly suffered contusions on his head.  Although he was in the neonatal intensive care unit following his delivery and his parents were warned that he could suffer lasting harm, they thought he was developing typically for several years.

Lawsuit claims child injury left boy suffering

For many young children in New York, playing Little League Baseball is a rite of passage in their childhood. They create lifelong skills and memories. Unfortunately, a recent lawsuit reveals that one child's experience playing Little League resulted in lifelong consequences due to a child injury.

The incident happened in April 2015. According to reports, an 11-year-old player was in a first-base dugout. Unfortunately, a line drive was hit in his direction, going through an opening between the backstop and dugout where there was no fence. The ball struck the young boy in the temple.

Traumatic brain injuries increase risk of dementia

There are numerous types of traumatic brain injuries people can suffer. For example, a person could have a concussion as a result of a direct blow to the head or a contusion. These injuries can result in damage to one or several parts of the brain, and many scientists now believe one of the side effects might be dementia. 

It is paramount that when a person experienced sufficient brain trauma, he or she sees a doctor right away. Prompt treatment can help the person circumvent health issues later down the line. There are numerous symptoms a sufferer may experience, such as persistent headaches, slurred speech and balance disorders, and researchers from Sweden suggest dementia could be another symptom on the list. 

Managing a child injury in New York

The brain is, in many ways, a mysterious structure. Because of its importance in the body, an injury to the brain can have severe, often unpredictable, consequences. Even what initially appears to be a relatively minor child injury could ultimately have severe, long-term implications. Victims in New York and their families are often left wondering how such an injury will manifest and the type of care that will be needed to treat it.

There are a variety of different factors that can impact how much care an injury will need. These factors include the severity of the impact as well as the area of the brain that was injured. Because brain injuries can be unpredictable, a victim of a brain injury could experience a variety of different symptoms.

Doctor errors leaves patient comatose, lawsuit

Any surgery carries some degree of risk. However, a patient undergoing heart surgery in New York likely has a significant amount of concerns, often somewhat alleviated by the knowledge that an experienced doctor will be taking care of them. Unfortunately, a lawsuit filed in another state claims that doctor errors ultimately led to severe harm to a patient undergoing heart surgery.

The surgery took place in 2012. According to reports, a 76-year-old man reportedly needed heart surgery to repair a damaged aorta and replace a heart valve. While a representative for the doctor claims that the surgery went smoothly, the patient's family claims that excessive bleeding complicated the procedure from the start. Despite this, the lawsuit claims that the doctor left the operating room -- and then the hospital altogether -- allowing a physician's assistance to close the patient.

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