Helping Those Affected By Hazardous Substances

Exposure to chemicals or other toxic materials can result in severe injury and also can result in serious medical issues, including damage to the brain and nervous system. In some cases, exposure to poisonous fumes can be fatal.

While these types of injuries can stem from an accident, if you or a loved one was injured because another person was negligent, that person should be accountable. At Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, we have decades of experience representing brain injury victims throughout the New York City area.

How Exposure Can Occur

Harmful substances are all around us. Many are naturally occurring while others are man-made. Some are only dangerous in large quantities and some may cause an injury after exposure to only a tiny amount.

Symptoms may occur immediately following the exposure or they may take a while to manifest. Recovery from a brain injury caused by a toxic substance can be lengthy and difficult. Receiving compensation can help with things like medical bills, therapy costs and lost income from not being able to work.

Potential Sources Of Harm

Homes, workplaces and construction sites are just some of the places where people can sustain injuries from exposure to toxins and chemicals. Common toxic substances that lead to injury include:

  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Solvents such as paint thinners
  • Pesticides
  • Manganese
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Methane gas

Many people are also affected when too much carbon monoxide is present in the air. Symptoms of a brain injury can vary, but exposure often leads to headaches, neurological problems and a decrease or loss of motor functions.

Serving Injured New Yorkers

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