Many Brain Injuries Are Caused By Falls

Last updated on December 16, 2020

A fall can cause serious injuries. A fall that involves head trauma can change a person’s life; it can alter their personality, moods and behavior. If you or a family member experienced a fall, you may be painfully aware of this by now.

A fall-related brain injury can be caused by:

  • A work-related safety problem involving a construction site, loose materials, improper harnessing or unsafe equipment
  • An uneven or broken walkway, street or sidewalk that wasn’t fixed or maintained like it should have been
  • Hazardous stairway, escalator or elevator conditions
  • A dangerous doorway or revolving door
  • A problem with broken flooring, loose tiles or carpeting
  • A wet or icy surface outside or inside a building
  • A drop from a significant height
  • Unsafe conditions in a store, shopping center or public place
  • Inadequate safety measures at a hospital or nursing home, leading to a fall by a resident or patient

Help For Families Dealing With A Head Injury

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