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After being dropped by nurse, baby suffers fractured skull and bleeding in brain

For expectant parents, the impending birth of a baby is often a highly anticipated and anxiety-producing event. While parents often have questions and concerns about the actual birth process, they may fail to realize the potentially significant problems that can arise both before and after a child's birth that can negatively impact his or her safety and health.

Study reveals strong link between TBIs and criminal behavior

There are numerous factors that influence an individual's behavior and researchers and social scientists often attempt to discover why some people engage in acts of violence. While factors like an individual's upbringing, life experiences and even genetics all likely play a role, a recent Australian study also reveals that individuals who engage in violent and criminal behaviors are also more likely to have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Living with a brain injury

Throughout the course of a typical day, an individual relies on his or her ability to take in and process information quickly and respond accordingly almost constantly. Additionally, one must be able to concentrate and pay attention to what's going on and conversations one has and then be able to recall details from recent events and conversations almost instantaneously.

When a medical error made during a baby's delivery results in a brain injury

For expectant parents, months are spent dreaming about and preparing for the arrival of their new family member. Sadly, for some families, the birth of a child becomes traumatic event and one that forever changes the course of both their lives and that of their child.

Struggling to stay awake--a surprising side-effect of TBIs

A fall off of a bike, a tumble down the stairs and a header in a game are all commonly used to describe head injuries suffered by children during their formative years. To prevent what may seem like daily bumps to the head, some parents may even joke about wanting to make a child wear a helmet around-the-clock or live in a protective bubble.

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