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After being dropped by nurse, baby suffers fractured skull and bleeding in brain

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2015 | Doctor Errors

For expectant parents, the impending birth of a baby is often a highly anticipated and anxiety-producing event. While parents often have questions and concerns about the actual birth process, they may fail to realize the potentially significant problems that can arise both before and after a child’s birth that can negatively impact his or her safety and health.

After giving birth to a healthy baby boy, a new mother was devastated when she learned that the infant had been dropped by a pediatric nurse. According to a Yahoo News report, the one-day-old infant suffered potentially serious injuries when a fatigued nurse who was feeding and burping the baby allegedly fell asleep and dropped him.

A pediatric doctor broke the news of the accident to the baby’s mother who reported that, due to injuries suffered when dropped, her newborn was in a neck brace the first time she saw him. The baby reportedly suffered a fractured skull and bleeding in his brain. Speaking about the terrifying accident, hospital officials contend the baby’s injuries will heal completely. It’s really, however, too early to know the full extent of the baby’s injuries or the possible long-term effects.

For anyone, a skull fracture and bleeding in the brain is an extremely serious and potentially life-threatening medical situation. For a tiny infant, these types of injuries are often even more serious as a baby’s skull isn’t completely fused at birth. Only time will tell whether the infant suffered brain damage and, if so, the extent of the damage.

In cases where an error committed by a doctor or nurse causes or contributes to an individual suffering a brain injury, prompt legal action should be taken to help ensure other individuals and families are spared a similar tragedy.

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