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Tracy Morgan continues to struggle with TBI

Annually, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that roughly 275,000 people in the U.S. are hospitalized due to traumatic brain injuries. In 2014, one of those individuals was comedian and actor, Tracy Morgan.

Morgan suffered serious injuries, including a TBI, when the limousine bus in which Morgan was riding was rear-ended by a Wal-Mart tractor-trailer truck. One of Morgan’s fellow passengers, comedian Jimmy Mack, was killed in the horrific crash. Today, roughly one year since the tragic accident occurred, Morgan is still struggling to cope with both the loss of his friend and the loss of the life he led prior to suffering a TBI.

Morgan recently granted his first public interview since the accident and remarked about the “headaches and the nose bleeds” he still frequently suffers. Like all individuals who suffer serious TBIs, Morgan’s prognosis is uncertain. Due to the complexity of the human brain, doctors simply aren’t able to know for certain how or if a patient will recover.

Memory loss and a delayed ability to process information are among the most common long-term side-effects of TBIs. In Morgan’s case, both of these skills are critical to continue his career as a comedian and actor. Additionally, many TBI sufferers experience challenges in both accepting and adjusting to their new limitations. For some, serious mental health issues like depression and anxiety can develop and further hamper their recovery efforts.

Individuals who have suffered a brain injury due to motor vehicle accident, medical error or sporting-related accident; would be wise to discuss their situation with an attorney. In cases where negligence may be a factor, legal action may be successful in the recovery of damages.

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