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Lawsuit: Doctor errors caused birth injuries

Many parents in New York and across the country dream about their children's future as soon as they learn they are expecting. They often wonder what kind of student their children will be and what sort of career they will choose for themselves. Unfortunately, a lawsuit claims that the dreams that parents in another state had for their son were drastically altered due to doctor errors that led to birth injuries.

The child at the center of the lawsuit was born in Oct. 2005. The lawsuit claims that the doctor in the case attempted a vacuum extraction despite the fact that the woman's pelvic area appeared to be too small for a safe vaginal delivery. The lawsuit accuses the doctor of incorrectly positioning the vacuum on the back and side of the baby's head, rather than the top. Reports indicate that the delivery took significantly longer than the one to two minutes that the procedure normally takes, and the baby's heart rate dropped to a dangerously low rate.

3 surprising causes of memory loss

Have you been forgetting appointments or misplacing your keys frequently? Memory loss can be a troubling thing to experience. If the problem is getting worse, you might be concerned you are going to have Alzheimer's disease. However, this is not the only condition or health problem that can cause forgetfulness. Memory loss can occur at any age for various reasons.

There are numerous causes of memory loss, including head injuries, medications and mental illnesses. Here is a look at how these issues can result in memory problems. 

Doctor errors led to brain damage: lawsuit

When an expectant mother in New York has experienced a relatively complication-free pregnancy, she typically goes into the labor and delivery process with the expectation that she will leave the hospital with her healthy baby a few days later. While this is typically the case, not all deliveries go according to plan. In fact, a family and hospital recently settled allegations that doctor errors caused severe damage for a child born there.

The lawsuit stemmed from the delivery of a child in July 2011. The plaintiffs maintained that the hospital administered too much pitocin during the delivery. As a result, the mother began experiencing contractions that were so close together and strong that only limited oxygen made it through to the baby.

Driver fined after accident causing serious child injury

During this time of year, many people in New York and across the country have their minds on recreation. For many people, this involves loading up their boats and heading to the lake or ocean. While some people may be in a rush to arrive at their destination, those with such equipment must ensure that they properly secure their equipment. Unfortunately, police in another state claim that one man's failure to do so recently resulted in a serious child injury.

The incident allegedly occurred on a day in early July. According to reports, a 12-year-old girl was walking at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, an inflatable raft allegedly fell off a boat trailer and struck her.

3 jobs that put workers at risk of brain injuries

Brain injuries often go undetected until survivors begin noticing symptoms such as memory loss, difficulty communicating and confusion. According to the Center for Disease Control, the number of people in the U.S. who experience traumatic brain injuries each year may be as high as 1.7 million. These injuries can happen in various ways, but many of them occur on job sites as a result of work-related risks workers face.

Liabilities exist nearly everywhere, but some jobs put workers at a greater risk than others. If you suffered a brain injury at work, you should learn about the legal recourse that is available. This is especially true if your injury occurred while you worked in any of the following positions.

Routine surgery leads to lifelong child injury

Most everyone in New York has heard the term "routine surgery." Many people have even undergone a procedure that would fall under that category. However, the word "routine" is relative -- even those procedures that are relatively minor can still carry serious complications, especially if medical care professionals make mistakes. Unfortunately, a family in another state has recently filed a lawsuit after their daughter suffered a child injury during what should have been a routine procedure.

Just before the young girl turned 2, she underwent a procedure to remove both her adenoids and tonsils. While a tonsillectomy is frequently performed on children under the age of 15, this young girl's procedure reportedly did not go according to plan. Her parents have since filed a lawsuit against the doctor who performed the procedure as well as the hospital.

Model's death caused by doctor errors, according to lawsuit

When people are experiencing pain, they often want relief instantly. Regardless of the type of doctor they visit, they expect that they will receive care that is appropriately responsive to their medical needs. As a result, it is likely that no one in New York expects that a simple visit to a chiropractor will ultimately turn fatal. A lawsuit filed in another state, unfortunately, claims that doctor errors led to a model's death after she sought a chiropractic adjustment.

The woman passed away in Feb. 2016 while only 34 years old. Reports indicate that she had visited a practice called Back to Total Health. That decision, according to an executor for her estate, would ultimately prove fatal.

Hurt your head in a car accident? You might have a brain injury

You are driving along your normal route when suddenly you are blindsided by another motorist. The collision causes you to hit your head against the steering wheel. Now you are dealing with painful headaches and are not sure what to do. You might be suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention point to motor vehicle accidents as one of the top causes of TBIs. Continue reading for useful information regarding causes, symptoms and treatment of these injuries.

Lawsuit contends doctor errors caused brain damage

The brain is an amazing organ whose mysteries have not been fully discovered. Unfortunately, brain damage can create lasting, significant harm to a person. When such harm comes as a result of doctor errors in New York, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be appropriate. One woman in another state has recently chosen such action, alleging a neurosurgeon's decisions caused her lasting harm.

The woman, now 77, was reportedly suffering from non-cancerous tumors located in her brain lining. Although the tumor was reportedly slow growing and could have only been monitored, court papers indicate that her neurosurgeon chose to operate. Before the surgery took place, it was reportedly discovered that she had staph bacteria in her nose. While these germs can be harmless in a person's nose, they could cause a serious infection following a surgery; standard practice is to treat a patient with a round of antibiotics prior to surgery -- a step the lawsuit claims the woman's doctor skipped in this case.

Judge rules doctor errors caused girl's brain damage

With the advances in modern technology, woman and babies in New York and across the country typically have a much safer experience as they go through labor and delivery than they did hundreds of years ago. However, doctors and other medical care staff must often make split-second decisions to protect lives. Failing to do so can have long-term consequences. For example, a judge in another state has recently ruled that a child's brain injuries were caused by doctor errors.

The girl, who is now five, was born in June 2011. Because the mother's age put her at risk, she sought to have her child at a hospital with a neonatologist. However, the mother and a nurse reportedly noticed a pool of blood developing on the mother's bed. The baby's heart rate also became unreadable. The hospital apparently attempted to contact the neonatologist -- named as a defendant in the case -- several times with no success.

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