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Hurt your head in a car accident? You might have a brain injury

You are driving along your normal route when suddenly you are blindsided by another motorist. The collision causes you to hit your head against the steering wheel. Now you are dealing with painful headaches and are not sure what to do. You might be suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention point to motor vehicle accidents as one of the top causes of TBIs. Continue reading for useful information regarding causes, symptoms and treatment of these injuries.

Lawsuit contends doctor errors caused brain damage

The brain is an amazing organ whose mysteries have not been fully discovered. Unfortunately, brain damage can create lasting, significant harm to a person. When such harm comes as a result of doctor errors in New York, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be appropriate. One woman in another state has recently chosen such action, alleging a neurosurgeon's decisions caused her lasting harm.

The woman, now 77, was reportedly suffering from non-cancerous tumors located in her brain lining. Although the tumor was reportedly slow growing and could have only been monitored, court papers indicate that her neurosurgeon chose to operate. Before the surgery took place, it was reportedly discovered that she had staph bacteria in her nose. While these germs can be harmless in a person's nose, they could cause a serious infection following a surgery; standard practice is to treat a patient with a round of antibiotics prior to surgery -- a step the lawsuit claims the woman's doctor skipped in this case.

Judge rules doctor errors caused girl's brain damage

With the advances in modern technology, woman and babies in New York and across the country typically have a much safer experience as they go through labor and delivery than they did hundreds of years ago. However, doctors and other medical care staff must often make split-second decisions to protect lives. Failing to do so can have long-term consequences. For example, a judge in another state has recently ruled that a child's brain injuries were caused by doctor errors.

The girl, who is now five, was born in June 2011. Because the mother's age put her at risk, she sought to have her child at a hospital with a neonatologist. However, the mother and a nurse reportedly noticed a pool of blood developing on the mother's bed. The baby's heart rate also became unreadable. The hospital apparently attempted to contact the neonatologist -- named as a defendant in the case -- several times with no success.

Art show in upstate New York spreads awareness for brain injuries

This April, the New York State Brain Injury Association put on an art show in Albany, New York, to spread awareness about brain injuries. Every photo and painting had a corresponding backstory about the artists and how they got injured.

One artist interviewed at the Albany art show stated she has become passionate about photography after her injury because she does not want to forget certain moments. This is an example of how brain injuries can have serious cognitive effects. There are a number of other common cognitive impairments that occur due to brain injuries.

Lawsuit claims doctor errors resulted in brain damage

Most people in New York are aware that people who play certain sports are likely at an increased risk of injuries. For example, football players and boxers may face the risk of brain damage, but there is an expectation that doctors and other personnel will take measures to protect such athletes from preventable harm. Unfortunately, a recently filed lawsuit claims that doctor errors prevented a boxing match that occurred in another state from being stopped even though one of the boxers showed signs of brain damage, ultimately leaving the boxer in a persistent vegetative state.

The fight occurred in Oct. 2015. The injured boxer was undefeated at the time of the fight. However, a lawsuit recently filed by his parents claims that he notified the ringside doctor of pain in the back of his head. Specifically, during the seventh round, he reportedly told the doctor that he was experiencing both pain and dizziness, but the doctor reportedly failed to stop the fight. The lawsuit claims that the doctor should have sent him to the hospital due to his symptoms, especially knowing that the man was at the risk of receiving additional head trauma in the fight.

Could girls have behavioral problems after concussions?

As this year’s NFL draft comes, few people may want to discuss the topic of concussions. After all, draft night is a celebration of sorts for those entering the NFL fraternity, and a way to sell hope for the upcoming season. But as more research about concussions comes out, researchers have learned girls may be just as susceptible to the effects of traumatic brain injuries while playing amateur sports.

An article in highlighted a study finding that girls may have behavioral problems after suffering a concussion. Essentially, researchers followed more than 9,000 Canadian teenagers from 7th grade through high school who suffered concussions and other head injuries. Girls who suffered these injuries were more likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as underage drinking and smoking cigarettes. Even worse, they were more likely to experience psychological distress and be bullied.

Lawsuit claims doctor errors caused brain injury

For most parents in New York, the impending birth of a child is a time filled with hope and anticipation. Unfortunately, that experience turned to tragedy for parents in another state. A lawsuit stemming from the child's birth claims that doctor errors resulted in severe brain damage to their infant.

The incident happened in Feb. 2012. According to reports, the delivery of the child was going as anticipated. Despite that, a doctor allegedly used forceps on the baby after the mother had only pushed once. After an initial use, the doctor reportedly used them three more times. The use of forceps so early in labor is considered unnecessary.

Doctor errors caused brain damage, lawsuit

The medical profession revolves around making important decisions. While many decisions may seem relatively minor, in reality they could mean the difference between life and death. Even those who survive after an overlooked diagnosis in New York, for example, may experience the consequences of the failure to run a simple test for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, one woman in another state claims that a misdiagnosis due to doctor errors left her paralyzed and living in a nursing home.

A lawsuit claims that the woman experienced what she described as the worst headache of her life. She went to the emergency room where a doctor ordered a scan, and a radiologist said that there was nothing of concern in the scan. She was diagnosed with a migraine.

Daycare license suspended following child injury

Many parents in New York must make difficult choices regarding the care of their children. Because they must work, many are forced to leave their children in the care of others. Parents in another state are likely questioning the care their children receive after a daycare was closed with an emergency suspension due to a child injury.

The closure was caused by injuries suffered by an infant. The daycare, Smart Sparks, was operates out of the owner's home and is licensed for up to 12 children. On a day in March, the owner contacted emergency responders, claiming that an infant at the facility was injured. The infant was transported to a nearby hospital before being airlifted to a children's hospital.

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