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Man awarded over $2 million due to brain damage

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2019 | Child Injuries

The brain is a complex organ. Despite the extensive research in New York and across the country that has focused on understanding it, there are still many aspects regarding how it works that are unknown. What is known is that brain damage could have significant long-term impacts. In fact, a recent lawsuit filed in another state centered around a man who suffered permanent injuries as a result of exposure that occurred while he was a small child.

The plaintiff in the case is now 24 years old. Reports indicate that as a child, he lived in a residence that was run by a company called City Homes. Unfortunately, his mother reports that the home had paint that was chipping and flaking.

A representative for the man claims that his lead levels tested at 15 micrograms per deciliter during the time he lived in the home in 1996 and that he suffered permanent brain damage. A jury has recently returned a verdict in his favor, awarding him just over $2.2 million. However, that amount is expected to be reduced due to a state cap on damages.

In addition to this man’s case, several other cases against City Homes are set to be go to trial this year. Unfortunately, a person who has suffered brain damage often needs to be taken care of for this rest of his or her life, the costs of which can quickly become unmanageable. Often, victims of negligence in New York and across the country are left with no choice but to seek damages against parties determined to be responsible to ensure that they are able to seek the care that they need.