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Infant suffers brain damage; babysitter arrested

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2019 | Child Injuries

Most parents in New York and across the country want nothing more than to spend every waking moment with their children. Unfortunately, many must work in order to support themselves and their families, leaving them with no other choice but to place their child under the care of another. Despite the attempts of one mother to ensure that her daughter was receiving the best of care, the woman she hired to care for her infant daughter is now accused of abusing the baby, causing permanent brain damage.

The incident happened on a day in late January. The 23-year-old babysitter reportedly told police that the child was injured when she fell down two steps. However, the Child Protection Team claims that her injuries were consistent with abuse, not a fall down the steps. The child suffered a lacerated liver and spleen as well as a fractured rib, internal bleeding and brain swelling.

The child’s mother reports that the child has been in the hospital since the injuries occurred. The child reportedly underwent multiple surgeries and is still on life support. She claims that doctors have advised her that if she survives, she will have permanent brain damage. If the child does not improve, her mother may have to make the difficult decision to remove life support. The babysitter now faces a felony charge.

No parent is prepared for the news that their child has been seriously injured, allegedly at the hands of someone they trusted with the child’s life. Unfortunately, treatment for injuries such as this — both short and long term — can quickly become overwhelming. Often, when someone experiences brain damage as a result of another person’s actions, victims or their families in New York may choose to pursue a monetary award by filing a civil lawsuit.