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Lawsuit filed after 7-year-old suffers head injury

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Child Injuries

During the summer, parents in New York and across the country often have to make important decisions about who will care for their children during the day. When they do make a decision, they put a great deal of faith into those who provide care — which could ultimately be a variety of different people. Unfortunately, a family is now coping with the unexpected death of a 7-year-old after he suffered a head injury at a public pool in another state.

The incident happened one morning on a day in June. According to reports, the young boy was visiting a public swimming pool as part of a day camp. Unfortunately, he was discovered unconscious, suffering from a heady injury.

A lifeguard provided CPR until paramedics arrived at the scene. Though he was initially transported to a hospital, he was then flown to a children’s hospital. Over the course of his treatment, the boy’s condition did not improve, and a doctor ultimately determined that he was brain dead. Though an autopsy is set to be performed, reports indicate that he died due to an anoxic brain injury.

The young victim’s mother has already filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging that he was injured as a result of negligence. While a successfully presented lawsuit will likely do little to reduce the family’s sense of loss, knowing that their actions might prevent another family from suffering similarly could provide a certain degree of peace. Many people in New York who have suffered a head injury or had a loved one suffer one have chosen a similar path with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.