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Lawsuit claims doctor errors resulted in brain damage

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Doctor Errors

Most people in New York are aware that people who play certain sports are likely at an increased risk of injuries. For example, football players and boxers may face the risk of brain damage, but there is an expectation that doctors and other personnel will take measures to protect such athletes from preventable harm. Unfortunately, a recently filed lawsuit claims that doctor errors prevented a boxing match that occurred in another state from being stopped even though one of the boxers showed signs of brain damage, ultimately leaving the boxer in a persistent vegetative state.

The fight occurred in Oct. 2015. The injured boxer was undefeated at the time of the fight. However, a lawsuit recently filed by his parents claims that he notified the ringside doctor of pain in the back of his head. Specifically, during the seventh round, he reportedly told the doctor that he was experiencing both pain and dizziness, but the doctor reportedly failed to stop the fight. The lawsuit claims that the doctor should have sent him to the hospital due to his symptoms, especially knowing that the man was at the risk of receiving additional head trauma in the fight.

However, the fight did not end until the now-injured boxer was disqualified for removing his gloves, mistakenly believing the fight was over. His mother claims that he was in such bad condition that she had to help him to the locker room, where he collapsed. Although surgery was performed, the boxer cannot talk or feed himself. While his parents claim they are still hopeful about his recovery, they say that his doctors give them little hope.

The lawsuit claims that the doctor did not have the necessary experience or knowledge to serve as a ringside doctor and that his role as a promoter was a conflict of interest. Two promoters are also named as defendants in the suit, claiming that they should have found a more qualified doctor for the position; they are seeking in excess of $50 million in damages. Unfortunately, many people in New York also suffer brain injuries as a result of doctor errors. These victims also have the option of seeking a monetary award through the civil court system.

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