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Child injury: March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Child Injuries

When most people in New York consider the month of March, they likely think of unpredictable weather and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. However, for many, the month of March means increased efforts to educate the general public about the potentially devastating effects of a brain injury, especially when it involves a child injury.

Unfortunately, brain injuries plays a role in a large number of deaths. In fact, of death resulting from injury, a traumatic brain injury is said to play a contributing role in approximately 30 percent of them. While people of all ages can suffer from a TBI, child ages 0 to 4 and adults ages 75 or older are suffering from an increasing number of such injuries due to falls.

While falls are a prominent cause of TBIs, the majority of deaths related to brain injuries result from car accidents and other incidents related to traffic. Unfortunately, an injury to the brain can result in a variety of different symptoms. Some victims have cognitive and emotional issues. They can also impact people physically as well as their ability to sleep.

Unfortunately, families who are dealing with a child injury resulting from trauma to the brain may have a long road ahead of them. The recovery process can be lengthy, and many victims may never fully recover. Treatment for these injuries can often be lifelong and expensive, resulting in financial stress. If a brain injury resulted from another’s negligence, families in New York do have options that could potentially lead to financial relief. For example, many ask an experienced personal injury attorney to help them pursue damages in a civil court.

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