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Brain injury and physical symptoms: role of proven legal counsel

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2016 | Doctor Errors

When a traumatic brain injury or other serious head trauma becomes an issue for an individual or family, it is often the case that full and quick comprehension of what’s going on can be more than elusive.

And that is certainly understandable. Many head injury-related symptoms are latent and/or insidious. Some brain maladies are overtly apparent because of obvious head wounds, but legions of TBIs across the country are more difficult to readily detect.

And it is far from surprising that a family member, friend or acquaintance of an individual with a serious head injury or brain trauma is not well equipped to diagnose a problem, especially if that person is not medically trained to do so.

Such is not the case for doctors with requisite training and experience. Although even physicians can be fooled when confronting serious head and brain injuries, there are often physical and other symptoms — supplemented by confirming tests — that can reasonably guide them toward a TBI diagnosis.

In some instances, evidence grows to the point where it reasonably indicates that a doctor failed to act in a manner that other physicians — his or her peers — would have in taking steps to timely note and treat a brain/head injury. There is a well-established medical standard of care, with it sadly being the case that it is sometimes breached, with materially adverse consequences resulting.

When that is the case, an afflicted individual and his or her family has a legal right to a meaningful remedy.

The monetary damages that can be recovered in a given brain injury case evidencing clear malpractice grounded in medical negligence are often critically important to help defray medical costs, provide for future rehabilitation and therapy, support long-term care and compensate for lost wages.

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