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Spinal cord research gets big boost in New York budget

Spinal cord injuries occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from slip and fall incidents to car accidents. To best treat such injuries, it is important for spinal cord research to continue in states throughout the country. As part of New York state’s $137.9 billion budget, $7 million will be going towards spinal cord research.

This is a huge victory on many different levels being that lawmakers got rid of the funding in 2010 as it dealt with a large deficit. In 2013, the spinal program was awarded $2 million, but this prompted local researchers and injury victims to fight for more money this time around.

One of the founders of New Yorkers to Cure Paralysis said, “With this funding, state leaders are fulfilling a commitment to scientists and doctors who moved to New York in part because of this program. It will also generate hundreds of high-paying jobs and encourage more life science companies to move to our state.”

The decision by New York to continue its dedication to the spinal program is a big deal for many reasons, including the fact that it will greatly help those who are currently dealing with such an injury.

In addition to those who are currently faced with spinal cord injuries, many others will be dealt this situation in the future as a result of some type of accident. Despite the fact that victims are often able to collect money in a lawsuit, this does not necessarily mean they will recover. This decision made by the state of New York is sure to help these injured people on their road to a better future.

Source: Democrat & Chronicle, “Spinal cord research fund gets $7 million in NY budget” Jon Campbell, Apr. 03, 2014