Handling Elevator And Escalator Accidents

With the buildings being so tall in New York City, elevators and escalators are just a part of life. We as a society rely on them to get us from place to place in the buildings that make up the New York skyline. However, these are helpful machines that often break down and cause serious injuries to individuals using them.

If you have been injured in an elevator accident or escalator accident, turn to the law office of Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law. We have over 35 years of experience handling personal injury cases, such as elevator and escalator accident cases, for clients in and around Queens and throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Attorney Ronald Ramirez is an aggressive advocate for our firm’s clients, taking the time to get to know clients and their goals for the outcome of the case. This allows him to pursue a resolution that suits their specific situations and needs.

Many elevator and escalator accidents also relate to premises liability, another aspect of our firm’s practice. We can assist clients in determining where liability should be applied, if it is the property manager or if there were structural defects in the machinery.

Defective Design

One aspect of an elevator or escalator accident that must be examined is the design of the machine. Any type of defect in the design may be the cause of the accident. The discovery of negligent design or defective design factors can be the basis for seeking a personal injury claim against the company that designed and/or manufactured the elevator or escalator.

Types Of Accidents

Serious injuries, such as brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, or even death, can occur as a result of an incident involving an escalator or elevator. Some of the common types of accidents include:

  • The sudden stoppage of an elevator or escalator
  • Wet and slippery escalator surfaces
  • Getting caught in the elevator doors
  • Catching a piece of clothing or body part on the metal teeth of an escalator
  • An elevator becoming stuck between floors
  • Mechanical failure resulting in the plummeting of an elevator

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