Mobile Devices Can Be A Serious Distraction

Cellphones and smartphones are everywhere and cause a major distraction to drivers. Despite the fact that New York law prohibits the use of cellphones while driving, unless the phone is hands-free, accidents caused by texting or talking on the phone are on the rise. Unless the phone is 100 percent voice-activated, drivers still have to look at the phone to call someone, receive a call or look up a telephone number. Sometimes drivers receive text messages while driving and look down to view the message.

Anytime a driver is not looking at the road, he or she is distracted and can cause an accident. If you have been injured in a car, truck or another motor vehicle accident because a driver was distracted by a cellphone, call Ronald Ramirez in Queens at 917-300-0778 to schedule a free consultation.

Talking On Cellphone And Driving Investigations

At Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, we thoroughly investigate car accidents, truck accidents, taxi accidents, bus accidents and all motor vehicle accidents to determine if the driver at fault was using his or her cellphone. Cellphone records can show if the accident is due to cellphone use, and if so, your chances of obtaining compensation for your injuries increase.

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