Advocating For Injured Cyclists

Whether you are struck by a careless driver in New York City or you are hurt as a result of hitting a pothole, bicycle accidents can inflict tremendous pain and injuries. Even after the physical scars heal, you can still be left to deal with the financial and emotional aftermath. At Ronald W. Ramirez, Attorney at Law, our team advocates for injured cyclists to help them recover and regain control of their lives.

The Kinds Of Cases We Take

Having more than 35 years of experience representing injury victims, our lawyer handles a wide variety of bicycle-related accidents. We are equipped to assist if you have been:

  • Hit by a car, taxi, bus or another automobile
  • Hit by an open car door
  • Hurt due to hitting a pothole or street defect
  • Hurt while on the job as a bike messenger
  • Hurt in a bike-share crash

These are just examples of the cases we have represented in the past; it is far from an exhaustive list.

Taking The Next Steps

When you are involved in a bicycle accident, our law firm can manage the ensuing legal process. We will help you determine who is liable for compensation as well as gather information to strengthen your claim, such as accident reports, witness statements and medical records. Our attorney, Mr. Ramirez, will examine every angle of your case to maximize potential compensation. We have an established rate of success and are known as aggressive advocates.

Helping Personal Injury Victims Find Peace

No matter how it happens, an unexpected injury can inflict serious pain and confusion on not only you but also your entire family. Let our law firm help by calling our Forest Hills office at 917-300-0778 or by filling out our online request form. We look forward to helping you move forward confidently.