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The most common causes of traumatic brain injuries

The brain is a tricky thing and something that scientists and medical experts are perplexed by every single day. Your brain is known as the "boss" of your body and controls almost everything you do. Talking, swallowing, tasting, smelling and breathing are all functions that your brain helps regulate, along with the heart rate. When the brain is injured, there may be serious effects to the rest of your body. The result of many injuries and accidents is a traumatic brain injury.

Living with traumatic brain injury

Sometimes a brain injury is relatively quick to heal, but recovery is more often a long process that can take its toll on the victim as well as family members. Coming to terms with this kind of injury is the first step on the road back to some degree of normalcy. Once the patient has developed coping skills, it will be much easier to set goals and concentrate on a realistic schedule for reaching them.

New study examines cells after brain injury, may change treatment

From the use of leeches to bleed out diseases to lobotomies for psychiatric treatment, the types of medical treatment used to treat patients are always evolving. For the most part, the changes implemented by medical professionals are beneficial to patients.

Will an adult stem cell study prove useful for TBI?

Toledo-based ProMedica and California stem-cell company Stemedica Cell Technologies Inc. announced an adult stem cell clinical trial that will run for a year. This study aims to determine whether stem cells can cause regeneration of new cells or preservation of existing cells in adults with traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

When TBI victims suffer chronic pain

In some cases, people with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) also suffer chronic pain. Like TBI, chronic pain conditions can be difficult to diagnose and treat. If you or a family member suffers from both conditions, it is critical that you seek medical care as soon as possible. When treated earlier, the outcomes tend to be better.

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