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Study links brain injury to mental health issues

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Child Injuries

Though much effort has gone into studying the brain, there is still much that is unknown about it. Scientists in New York and across the country are still working to determine how many aspects of the brain work and how a potential injury will impact long-term function. Unfortunately, a brain injury can cause problems that can impact a person in surprising and dramatic ways.

For example, scientists have recently looked into the connection between brain injuries and mental health. A recent study appears to show that those who suffer a mild traumatic brain injury may be at a higher risk of experiencing depression or post-traumatic stress disorder in the months following the injury when compared to those who suffered traumatic injuries that did not involve the head. The study reviewed self-reports taken at several intervals from 230 patients with a non-head traumatic injury and 1,155 patients with a traumatic head injury at 11 different hospitals.

Researchers founds that over 21 percent of patients with mild head injuries suffered depression or PTSD up to six months after suffering the injuries. Only 12.1 percent of patients with non-head injuries suffered these mental health issues. Those who suffered mental health issues prior to the injury were often more at risk for issues afterward.

Researchers admit that there are limitations to their study. However, it does seem to hint at a link between a brain injury and its impact on a person’s mental health, especially if he or she experienced mental health problems before the head injuries. In the immediate aftermath of an injury to the head, it may be difficult to accurately predict how a victim will be impacted in the long run. As such, those injured by another’s negligence may not fully understand the care that they will require. Fortunately, there are experienced personal injury attorneys who can help such victims in New York seek compensation, ensuring that they are able to seek the medical treatment required to recover from their injuries.