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Parents file lawsuit after son suffers fatal head injury

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Firm News

Parents in New York and across the country have a reasonable expectation that businesses — especially those that cater to children — will ensure that their children are safe while on the premises. Depending on the business, this could potentially include providing safety gear such as helmets. Unfortunately, a recently filed lawsuit claims that a My Gym Children’s Fitness Center failed to provide these measures, ultimately resulting in the plaintiffs’ son suffering a fatal head injury.

The incident that led to the 7-year-old boy’s death happened on a day in late September. According to reports, the boy was at My Gym as part of a children’s birthday party. The lawsuit claims that a “spotter” was assigned to watch the child.

Unfortunately, the lawsuit states that the boy was on a zipline when he was thrown into an unpadded pole. He then fell onto the cement ground below, striking his head. He died days later. Reports indicate that he was not wearing a helmet or a harness.

The lawsuit claims that the gym failed to install and provide devices that would have protected the young boy from injury. The plaintiffs’ hope in filing lawsuit is to prompt this location as well as other My Gyms across the country to remove the ziplines from their premises to ensure that no one else is injured. Unfortunately, families in New York have also suffered similarly as a result of another’s negligence. What can seem like a relatively minor fall can ultimately have devastating consequences if it results in a head injury; by filing and winning a lawsuit, families can help ensure that they can manage the financial ramifications of their loss as well as potentially prompt changes that will protect others in the future.