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Parents file lawsuit after son suffers head injury in school

When parents in New York send their children to school each day, they do so with the expectation that the educators will do everything they can to ensure the safety of all students in their care. Unfortunately, two parents in another state claim that negligence on the part of the school ultimately led to their son suffering a head injury. They have since filed a lawsuit.

Reports indicate that in Dec. 2017, a teacher released a group of five students from class, allowing them to walk around the campus without supervision. At one point, the lawsuit claims, the group entered a bathroom and threw a trash can over a stall. It reportedly struck the plaintiff’s son, resulting in an injury to his head, among other areas of his body.

The lawsuit names the school district, the five students and their parents as defendants. According to the plaintiffs, the five students had a history of disciplinarian issues of which school officials should have been aware. They claim that they have already encountered approximately $40,000 in medical expenses and expect at least $50,000 more. They are asking for over $2 million in damages.

Unfortunately, a head injury can have significant, long-term consequences. In some cases, it may be difficult to determine exactly how someone will be impacted. Because of the medical expenses that could be incurred following such an injury, those in New York injured as result of another’s negligence often choose to seek recompense by filing a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced attorney can help victims and their families identify all the parties who may hold some responsibility and take appropriate action.