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Child care worker charged after child suffers brain injury

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Child Injuries

Parents in New York and across the country must make difficult decisions about who will care for their children to allow the parents to work. Regardless of who they choose, they do so trusting that the child care provider will take appropriate measures to protect their child. Unfortunately, officials in another state have accused a woman who runs a day care facility out of her house of abuse after a child suffered a brain injury.

The incident that led to the woman’s arrest happened in Aug. 2018. According to police, the day care provider called 911 after a 16-month-old in her care began acting “really off.” She reportedly told emergency responders that the toddler slipped from her high chair when the provider turned her back for a second. The woman claimed that the child landed on her bottom but was having trouble breathing.

When the mother arrived at the scene, she decided not to take the toddler to the hospital, and she was told to seek additional treatment if the child’s condition worsened. The mother ultimately decided to take the child to the hospital when her condition did not improve. Doctors there determined that the child was suffering from a brain bleed; reports indicate that doctors notified police that the child showed signs of abuse, including bruises on her cheek and jaw and a swollen lip; the brain bleed, according to doctors, was likely caused by “rapid front to back rotations of the head.”

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to determine the long-term effects of a brain injury. Often, victims and their families are left to cope with significant medical expenses as they cope with such an injury. In an effort to seek recompense, many victims in New York seek file a civil lawsuit.