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Study suggests traumatic brain injury increases suicide risk

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Child Injuries

While much is known about the brain, there are still many aspects of it that mystify medical professionals in New York and across the globe.  Perhaps because of its important roles in many bodily functions, a traumatic brain injury often has significant, long-term implications. Unfortunately, scientists and researchers are still working to determine exactly how a TBI can impact victims.

A recent study has raised somewhat alarming concerns about the long-terms implications of an injury to the brain. While known symptoms include impact on motor function, emotions and behavior in addition to problems with attention, memory and coordination in addition to an increased risk of dementia, a recent study sheds some light on the long-term psychiatric implications of such an injury. According to the study, a TBI can increase the risk of suicide.

Researchers examined just under 35,000 suicides that occurred over the course of 35 years. Not only did researchers find an increase in the risk of suicide among those who suffered a TBI, they also found that the risk increased based on the severity of the injury. While researchers are unclear what exactly causes this risk increase, some speculate that it may be a result of damage to blood vessels and inflammation. Others further state that the disruptions to a person’s ability to perform the same as prior to their injuries could create pressure and anxiety.

Unfortunately, many people in New York and across the country are left to cope with the implications of a traumatic brain injury. In fact, the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control says that around 2.2 million visits to the emergency room every year are the result of TBIs; additionally, this type of injury accounts for 50,000 deaths and 280,000 hospitalizations yearly. Treatment in such circumstances is often ongoing with some people never being able to fully recover. As such, many people injured as a result of another’s negligence choose to take legal action that could potentially result in a financial award that will help with many of the expenses associated with a TBI if successfully presented.