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New York toddler undergoes surgery following daycare head injury

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2018 | Child Injuries

Parents in New York and across the country are often left to make difficult decisions about their children’s care. Because they are often unable to afford leaving their job to care for their children, they must place them in childcare. Unfortunately, a toddler recently underwent surgery after she suffered a head injury while at a daycare.

The incident happened at a daycare facility licensed to care for 14 children. While many of the details of the incident are unclear, police say that the child was transported to the hospital, where she was rushed into surgery. Police reports indicate that the 2-year-old is in critical condition.

Following the accident, the New York Office of Children and Family Services suspended the license of the daycare. No criminal charges have been filed but an investigation is ongoing. Detectives are reportedly canvassing the neighborhood and interviewing witnesses to determine what caused the child’s injuries. The daycare received two citations in June, but those issues were reportedly resolved.

Unfortunately, the costs associated with a head injury can quickly become overwhelming, especially when parents are unable to work as they care for their injured child. Often, such injuries have a lifelong impact and could result in the need for around-the-clock care. So that they have sufficient funds to ensure that their young daughter receives the care she needs as she recovers, her parents may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit in a New York civil court. If it can be proved that the child’s injuries resulted from negligence, the family could receive a financial award.