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Lawsuit filed after head injury involving air rifle

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Child Injuries

There are a variety of different products that are marketed to young people that could easily result in serious injury, especially if a manufacturer has not taken proper measures to ensure the product is as safe as can be. For example, most parents in New York are likely aware that air rifles hold a certain degree of risk of injury. However, they expect that certain features — such as a safety mode — will provide some protection. Unfortunately, a recently filed lawsuit claims that the manufacturer of a certain air rifle was negligent, resulting in a teenager’s head injury.

The incident that led to the teenager’s injuries happened in July 2014. According to reports, he had the rifle in safety mode. Despite this, the lawsuit claims that the rifle fired, causing a pellet to strike the teenager in his head.

As a result, he reportedly spent over 20 days in the hospital followed by rehabilitation. As part of his treatment, he underwent multiple operations and his still being treated. The surgeries allegedly resulted in physical deformities that have caused depression. Additionally, the lawsuit argues that he is unable to participate in certain activities that he enjoys and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The lawsuit claims that the manufacturer of the Umarex Ruger Air Magnum, Umarex USA, was negligent and that it knew that the rifle was both defective and dangerous when it was put on the market. Unfortunately, a head injury can have lifelong implications, both physically and financially. In the case of a dangerous product such as this is alleged to involve, pursuing legal options may be the only way of ensuring that other potential consumers are aware of the risks associated with its use in addition to forcing companies in New York and across the country to make changes to protect public safety.