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Long-term effects of a child injury involving the brain

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Child Injuries

The effects of many injuries can often be immediately seen. When most people think of a child injury, they likely think of something that can be controlled and treated. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for those who suffer head injuries in New York and across the country.

In the past, people have likely thought that a concussion was something relatively mild from which the victim would ultimately recover. Unfortunately, this does not always seem to be the case. The brain is a complex organ, and it may be difficult for medical care professionals to predict exactly how a person will recover — if the individual will. In some injuries, recovery can last for months or weeks, and post-concussion syndrome can cause a great deal of suffering and pain.

There are a variety of different symptoms of PCS, including severe headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration and memory loss, among others. Often, there is no treatment of the symptoms once identified. Victims are left to find a way to cope with their condition. Unfortunately, lost wages and medical bills can take a serious toll on a person’s overall situation.

Fortunately, there is help available for people in New York suffering as a result of a child injury to the brain. The law firm of Ronald W. Ramirez Attorney at Law has over three decades of experience helping those who were injured as a result of another’s negligence. We help victims seek the appropriate medical care while ensuring that appropriate medical files are kept to strengthen any claims of harm caused by negligence.