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Doctor errors leaves patient comatose, lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2018 | Doctor Errors

Any surgery carries some degree of risk. However, a patient undergoing heart surgery in New York likely has a significant amount of concerns, often somewhat alleviated by the knowledge that an experienced doctor will be taking care of them. Unfortunately, a lawsuit filed in another state claims that doctor errors ultimately led to severe harm to a patient undergoing heart surgery.

The surgery took place in 2012. According to reports, a 76-year-old man reportedly needed heart surgery to repair a damaged aorta and replace a heart valve. While a representative for the doctor claims that the surgery went smoothly, the patient’s family claims that excessive bleeding complicated the procedure from the start. Despite this, the lawsuit claims that the doctor left the operating room — and then the hospital altogether — allowing a physician’s assistance to close the patient.

Unfortunately, the man began to turn blue due to excessive bleeding. The lawsuit claims that the doctor attempted to walk the physician’s assistant through correcting the problem on the phone, but the former was 30 minutes from the hospital in a business meeting. Unfortunately, the blood loss resulted in oxygen deprivation to the patient’s brain, leaving him in a permanent coma. Representatives for the doctor claims that the patient was, in fact, stable before the doctor left the room, and the excessive bleeding would have occurred even if he had been at the hospital.

The family of the deceased man are likely wondering how they will manage the expenses associated with the man’s condition. Because they believe his injuries are the result of doctor errors, they chose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Those who are going through the same experience in New York also have the option of pursuing justice through the civil court system.

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