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Top 3 causes of brain injuries in the workplace

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | Blog

Getting a head or brain injury while at work may be likelier than you expect. Even if you work in a retail or office environment, you could still get a traumatic brain injury. You do not necessarily need to work in construction to be at risk.

What causes brain injuries in the workplace? What hazards can you watch out for? Read below for an overview of how brain injuries can occur at work.

1. Slip, trip and fall accidents

According to the Brain Injury Institute, about 20 percent of workplace TBIs occur from fall injuries. The main contributors to falls are surfaces that are uneven, wet or obstructed with objects. A torn carpet, liquid spills, boxes or inadequate lighting can all create these hazardous conditions. If you slip, trip, fall and hit your head on the ground or an object, you may sustain a TBI.

2. Motor vehicle accidents

Some jobs require employees to operate motor vehicles as part of their regular responsibilities. You may need to drive a vehicle on the job if you work in delivery services, trucking, construction, cleaning services or home repair. If you get into an accident while driving for work, you may get a TBI if you hit your head or your brain violently hits the inside of your skull. The sheer impact of a motor vehicle accident often results in a moderate to severe TBI.

3. Strikes from objects

Many occupations can result in something falling on your head. For example, a box of merchandise may fall off a high shelf in a retail environment. A hammer or other tool may drop from high above at a construction site. This can also occur if someone throws an object at your head.

If you get a brain injury at work, you may find out that workers’ compensation will not cover your expenses. In this situation, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit.