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Criminal charges filed following a child injury

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Child Injuries

Parents in New York and across the country often place a great deal of thought into who will provide care for their children when they are unable to do so themselves. Unfortunately, even people who seem to have the best credentials can perform actions that could result in a child injury. Police in another state have accused a woman with assault after a child in her care suffered a head injury.

The incident happened on a day in early June. The caregiver claims that she was changing the baby’s diaper when he suddenly went stiff and stopped breathing. He was transported to the hospital where it was ultimately determined that the baby suffered from retinal hemorrhaging and a brain injury.

The caregiver initially claimed that she did not know how he became injured but eventually stated that he may have become injured when he was in a wagon that tipped over the day before. However, police say that a re-enactment of the incident shows that the infant’s injuries were inconsistent with such a fall. Additionally, doctors claim that, due to the severity of the injuries, symptoms would have been immediately apparent. The child’s parents claim that he was in good health when they left him in the woman’s care. The care provider has since been charged with first degree assault.

Unfortunately, a child injury involving brain damage can have significant long-term consequences. Parents are often left wondering how they will be able to afford necessary medical care that could potentially include around-the-clock medical personnel. As a result, many parents in New York choose to file a personal injury claim against the person believed to be responsible. A successfully presented case could result in a financial award, helping ensure that a victim receives the care he or she requires.

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