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Driver fined after accident causing serious child injury

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Child Injuries

During this time of year, many people in New York and across the country have their minds on recreation. For many people, this involves loading up their boats and heading to the lake or ocean. While some people may be in a rush to arrive at their destination, those with such equipment must ensure that they properly secure their equipment. Unfortunately, police in another state claim that one man’s failure to do so recently resulted in a serious child injury.

The incident allegedly occurred on a day in early July. According to reports, a 12-year-old girl was walking at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, an inflatable raft allegedly fell off a boat trailer and struck her.

As a result, she is said to have suffered a serious injury to her head. Because of the nature of her injuries, she was transported to a children’s hospital by helicopter. The driver of the vehicle pulling the trailer received a fine for operating with an unsecured load.

Anyone who has required treatment at a hospital likely knows of the expense associated with it. Such a serious child injury could potentially require serious medical interventions. In some cases involving head injuries, victims are never able to fully recover and require around-the-clock medical care; when a victim is a child, a parent may miss significant amounts of work — or be forced to resign entirely — resulting in lost wages. Fortunately, victims and their families have options if a head injury was the result of another person’s negligence. For example, many people in New York choose to file a personal injury lawsuit — if claims of negligence can be proved, they could be awarded damages that will help them cope with the financial consequences of such an injury.

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