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Model’s death caused by doctor errors, according to lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Doctor Errors

When people are experiencing pain, they often want relief instantly. Regardless of the type of doctor they visit, they expect that they will receive care that is appropriately responsive to their medical needs. As a result, it is likely that no one in New York expects that a simple visit to a chiropractor will ultimately turn fatal. A lawsuit filed in another state, unfortunately, claims that doctor errors led to a model’s death after she sought a chiropractic adjustment.

The woman passed away in Feb. 2016 while only 34 years old. Reports indicate that she had visited a practice called Back to Total Health. That decision, according to an executor for her estate, would ultimately prove fatal.

The lawsuit alleges that a “neck manipulation” that the doctor performed ultimately tore a vertebral artery in the woman’s neck. As a result, blood flow to her brain was impeded, and she suffered a stroke. A report by the coroner’s office supports these allegations. The executor — the father of the victim’s child — claims that his goal in filing the lawsuit is to ensure that his daughter has a college tuition fund.

Reports indicate that the executor attempted to settle the case out-of-court. Although a representative for the man claims they were looking for a reasonable settlement, they will now take their case to court. Unfortunately, doctor errors can have serious consequences for patients in New York and other areas of the country — consequences with which family members are left to face. Pursuing civil litigation is one option that could result in a financial award and help ensure that a negligent doctor is held accountable for his or her action.

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