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Lawsuit contends doctor errors caused brain damage

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Doctor Errors

The brain is an amazing organ whose mysteries have not been fully discovered. Unfortunately, brain damage can create lasting, significant harm to a person. When such harm comes as a result of doctor errors in New York, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be appropriate. One woman in another state has recently chosen such action, alleging a neurosurgeon’s decisions caused her lasting harm.

The woman, now 77, was reportedly suffering from non-cancerous tumors located in her brain lining. Although the tumor was reportedly slow growing and could have only been monitored, court papers indicate that her neurosurgeon chose to operate. Before the surgery took place, it was reportedly discovered that she had staph bacteria in her nose. While these germs can be harmless in a person’s nose, they could cause a serious infection following a surgery; standard practice is to treat a patient with a round of antibiotics prior to surgery — a step the lawsuit claims the woman’s doctor skipped in this case.

As part of the surgery, titanium mesh was used to cover the opening created as part of the tumor removal. Unfortunately, the plaintiff was readmitted weeks later after she developed a serious infection at the surgery site. At that time, the doctor reportedly washed and reused the same piece of mesh; soon after, a member of the hospital’s infection-control department recommended that it be replaced with a new piece, but the doctor reportedly failed to follow the advice.

She was admitted to a nursing home but returned to the hospital soon after when she began experiencing headaches and drainage; her lawsuit claims that a piece of wire was also protruding from the site. Another operation was performed with the doctor removing the mesh that was sticking to her brain. She ultimately experienced a stroke; while before the surgery she worked on family campsite, she now is unable to live independently.

Those who suffer from brain damage are often never able to fully recover. Although most doctors are well-trained professionals, doctor errors can still occur. Those in New York who have suffered as a result of medical malpractice have also chose to pursue justice in the form of a civil lawsuit. By successfully presenting claims of negligence, victims could not only receive an award to help with the financial consequences of their injuries, but also prevent other patients from suffering similarly.

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