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Traumatic brain injuries increase the risk of stroke

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Blog

Living with a traumatic brain injury is bad enough without having to worry about future health concerns. Following a TBI, your quality of life changes, your ability to take care of yourself may decrease and you have medical bills to pay.

Unfortunately, these are not the only consequences you will have to face. Studies have found that suffering from a TBI also raises your risk of having a stroke.

What the studies say

Multiple studies have discovered a link not only between traumatic brain injuries and higher occurrences of stroke, but also higher post-stroke mortality rates, especially among those with the most severe TBIs. Your age influences the amount of risk, though. Those under 50 years old have a greater risk than those over 50.

Ischemic strokes are the type associated with TBIs. This is already the most common type, making up nearly 87 percent of all strokes, according to the American Stroke Association. It happens when a blood vessel to the brain contains an obstruction or clot.

Why TBIs increase stroke risk

The reason why traumatic brain injuries are correlated with strokes is actually not clear. It may be due to damage to the brain’s blood vessels from the injury. It may be a broader association of TBIs decreasing overall health. Further research is necessary to discover the reason for the correlation (there is insufficient evidence to prove causation).

How to reduce stroke risk

The good news is that there are still preventative measures you can take to lower the chances of experiencing a stroke. They are the same as for everyone else:

  • Maintaining a proper diet and exercise
  • Watching for warning signs of a stroke
  • Seeking routine medical treatment
  • Getting immediate care after a stroke

These actions cost money that you may not have or your insurance may not cover. This is why it is vital that right after your TBI accident you have a personal injury attorney assist you in obtaining financial compensation.