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Doctor errors caused brain damage, lawsuit

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | Doctor Errors

The medical profession revolves around making important decisions. While many decisions may seem relatively minor, in reality they could mean the difference between life and death. Even those who survive after an overlooked diagnosis in New York, for example, may experience the consequences of the failure to run a simple test for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, one woman in another state claims that a misdiagnosis due to doctor errors left her paralyzed and living in a nursing home.

A lawsuit claims that the woman experienced what she described as the worst headache of her life. She went to the emergency room where a doctor ordered a scan, and a radiologist said that there was nothing of concern in the scan. She was diagnosed with a migraine.

Unfortunately, two weeks later she collapsed at a courthouse. She believes that being near emergency personnel at the time of her collapse saved her life, but she still suffers serious side effects from what turned out to be an aneurysm. The once active woman is essentially paralyzed from the neck down and is unable to care for herself. A jury recently ruled against the two doctors named in the lawsuit, ordering them to pay the woman $8.2 million. An appeal is expected, but the woman and her family are hopeful that the award will help her move out of the nursing home in which she has lived for the last seven years.

Even a decision that seems as simple as not ordering a test when a diagnosis may seem obvious can have detrimental effects, as this case demonstrates. When doctor errors result in brain damage, victims will pay for such negligence for the rest of their lives. Because a person with a brain injury often requires extensive care, medical bills can become overwhelming and can significantly impact how a person lives — including placement in a residential facility. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit may be one of the few options available to help victims in New York manage the financial ramifications of these injuries.

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