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Child injury: Brain trauma in kids could have lasting effects

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2017 | Child Injuries

From a young age, New York residents are often reminded to wear protective headgear and take other precautions to hopefully prevent a serious head injury. These warnings often come from concerned parents or other parties who know that an injury to the head and brain could have lasting effects. When a child injury results in this type of harm, lives could be significantly impacted.

Whether such an injury results from sports, a car accident or other type of incident, parents are often concerned about the impacts. A traumatic brain injury could lead children to have difficulty with reasoning, language, emotions and other aspects of their lives. Repeated trauma could also lead to degenerative disorders of the brain. In children, such injuries could cause them to have an increased likelihood of attention disorders.

However, research has indicated that children who have suffered head trauma and who have experienced healthy and nurturing family environments show fewer negative symptoms. Though many children do not develop significant deficits as a result, children who do tend to show negative effects on information processing and reasoning skills. As a result, their lives could be significantly hindered.

If a family has gone through a child injury involving brain trauma, they undoubtedly worry about the long-term effects. If the injury results are due to the fault of another individual, the family may wish to consider filing a legal claim against the party considered responsible. A successful claim could result in compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, necessary future care and other damages permitted under New York law.

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