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Settlement concerning doctor errors unsealed

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2017 | Doctor Errors

Most labor and deliveries are relatively complication free, allowing parents to go home soon after with their healthy, happy bundle of joy. However, complications can arise, and patients in New York and across the country expect that their doctor will know how to treat both the mother and child in the event of an unexpected emergency. Unfortunately, one out-of-state couple claims that doctor errors caused their daughter to suffer brain damage.

The child’s parents filed a lawsuit against the doctor and the hospital where they were treated following the Dec. 2012 birth of their daughter. They claim that the mother showed clear signs of suffering from a placental abruption. This condition can deprive a fetus of oxygen. Because the doctor allegedly failed to perform a cesarean section, the baby suffered severe brain damage. As a result, she is unable to feed herself, talk or walk.

The case was ultimately settled for $19.3 million. Although the hospital requested that the settlement remain sealed, the judge in the case denied that request. He did agree to seal the amount for 30 days, giving the defendants an opportunity to appeal the ruling. When no appeal was filed during the period of time, the information was released.

The money in the settlement is to provide for the child’s ongoing health needs. As a result, her parents can help ensure that she receives the care that she needs for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, there are also families in New York also attempting to cope with the financial burdens created by brain injuries caused by doctor errors. If it can be proved that the accepted standard of care was not provided, victims and their family members could receive a monetary award, which can both help them and potentially protect future patients from suffering similar mistakes.

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