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Living with traumatic brain injury

Sometimes a brain injury is relatively quick to heal, but recovery is more often a long process that can take its toll on the victim as well as family members. Coming to terms with this kind of injury is the first step on the road back to some degree of normalcy. Once the patient has developed coping skills, it will be much easier to set goals and concentrate on a realistic schedule for reaching them.

Trading denial for acceptance

It is natural to focus on the abilities you have lost as the result of a brain injury. You may feel overwhelmed, depressed and even angry at first, wondering how you are supposed to deal with something that has affected you so severely. However, in time you will stop fighting the injury and begin looking for ways to rebuild your life around it.

Finding a way forward

If you have a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you may experience changes that affect your daily routine, your relationships and the work you are accustomed to doing. Some tips for moving forward include:

  • It may help for you to begin managing the injury by making a list of the activities you have previously done and those you plan to do. Have no fear of trying new things, but set realistic goals.
  • It may be a good idea to try to complete a particular task by yourself, but if it is simply too difficult, do not be reluctant to ask for help.
  • Consistency is important in TBI recovery, so set and keep a daily schedule.
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs.

Your goal is to learn how to manage your injury so you can resume the highest level of mental and physical function possible.

How family and friends can help

Friends and family can help you master certain tasks before going on to others that are more complex. Those who have been educated about TBI understand the frustration you are going through. These are people who can assist in your problem-solving efforts and who will be essential to your readjustment progress.

Legal assistance may be needed

An attorney experienced with brain iniury cases can answer any questions you may have and work with you on the next steps. If you have not had proper medical evaluation or treatment, or if an insurance company is trying to deny your claim, your attorney can ensure that you receive of the medical care and compensation to which you are entitled.

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