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Doctor errors: Brain damage leads to license revocation

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Doctor Errors

Parents in New York often envision their children’s future — the education they will receive and careers they will pursue. Unfortunately, the vision one out-of-state family has changed drastically after routine dental care left a young girl suffering from a brain injury. Because the damage is believed to have been caused by doctor errors, the license of the dentist who provided the care has recently been revoked.

The incident happened in January. Although the 4-year-old was receiving treatment for what has been described as routine care, she suffered a seizure and went into shock. The dentist who treated her is accused of over-sedating her, which ultimately resulted in oxygen deprivation. His license was temporarily revoked at the time.

The incident caused brain damage and dystonia. Although she has returned home after months of rehabilitation, a representative for the family claims that the young girl will never fully recover. The Texas Board of Dentistry has recently decided to permanently revoke the dentist’s license to practice in Texas following a ruling by a judge stating that he failed to provide the minimum standard of care.

The parents of the young girl have also filed a civil lawsuit against the dentist. If they can successfully prove that negligence caused her brain injuries, they could receive an award of damages that will help them provide the care the victim will require for the rest of her life. While doctor errors are relatively rare, their impact can be devastating. Those suffering in New York as a result of such negligence also have the option of filing a lawsuit, potentially resulting in an award that could help with lost wages and medical expenses while ensuring that the doctor is held accountable for his or her actions.

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