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New York parents: watch out for springtime hazards

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2016 | Child Injuries

Parents will generally do whatever they can to keep kids safe and away from anything that could hurt them. Unfortunately, there are hazards that are unavoidable and/or unforeseeable.

However, being aware of certain hazards can help parents take steps to protect their kids even when they are in a potentially dangerous situation. For example, there are a number of springtime hazards that can pose a threat to kids and increase the risk of them suffering a brain injury.

Spring sports are one area that can be a potential risk for kids. Whether a kid is playing baseball, basketball or soccer, a serious collision or being struck with a ball in the head can lead to a traumatic brain injury. These types of sports are especially popular in the spring and regardless of whether your child is participating in a school-sponsored league or at a local park, these sports don’t often require players to wear protective gear. Teaching safe and proper techniques can help kids avoid certain types of accidents.

Kids can also get hurt playing outside. Skateboarding, riding bikes and playing at the playground can lead to falls that have the potential to be quite serious. Having kids wear helmets and making sure they aren’t climbing in restricted or unsafe areas can minimize the risk traumatic brain injuries.

In the spring, children spend more time outside than they do in the winter, meaning their risk of being hit by a car could increase. Riding on an all-terrain vehicle can also put kids in danger if the vehicle is not operated properly and young riders are not provided with protective clothing, including helmets.

Of course kids will be kids, and playing games and having fun is an important part of a child’s life. However, there are risks to be aware of and parents can keep an eye out for potential threats or dangerous situations. Unfortunately, despite a parent’s best efforts, kids can still get hurt and suffer a brain injury if another party failed to take the same precautions.

In the event that a child is injured, getting medical help right away will be crucial. After that, parents can speak with an attorney to learn more about their legal options to seek damages that are suffered when a child is seriously injured.