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The ripple-effect of brain injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Doctor Errors

The damaging impact of a brain injury on one’s life, as well as the lives of loved ones, cannot be overstated. Depending on the extent of damage suffered, a brain injury may result in an individual having problems communicating or remembering things or could result in permanent cognitive and/or physical deficiencies.

For individuals who have suffered brain injuries due to a medication or medical error, involvement in a car accident or a sporting-related accident; it’s important to explore your options with regard to taking legal action to recover compensation. A recent article on states that “lifetime costs…for a traumatic brain injury are estimated to run from $85,000 to $3 million.” Add in the financial losses associated with lost earnings and earning capacity and it becomes painfully obvious that most brain injury survivors are simply not able to afford to type of medical and rehabilitative care they need.

Every year, roughly 1.7 million people in the United State suffer TBIs. For many of these individuals, their injuries will seriously and negatively impact their financial standing, professional aspirations and personal lives and relationships. To illustrate this point, while the national unemployment rate is around five percent, it’s 60 percent for individuals who, within the last 24 months, have been diagnosed with a TBI.

Anyone, regardless of wealth or status, who has suffered a brain injury due to the negligent acts of others; deserves access to the best possible medical and rehabilitative care. Additionally, these individuals should be entitled to receive compensation to ease the financial burdens associated with medical expenses, lost wages and permanent disability.

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