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In the wake of a brain injury, it’s important to seek legal guidance

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2015 | Doctor Errors

A traumatic brain injury is one of the most devastating and life-altering of all injuries. This is because, unlike a broken bone, any damage suffered to the brain is permanent in nature and often results in the death of vital brain cells which support bodily processes, regulate emotions and enable us to think, speak and move about freely.

In cases where an individual suffers brain damage after being hit by a drunk driver, while playing a college football game or while undergoing a medical procedure; the side effects can be severe. Problems and deficiencies in memory, movement, speech, thought process and bodily functions are all commonly experienced in the wake of a brain injury.

When a brain injury results from the possible negligent actions of another individual or individuals, it’s important to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney. Medical treatments associated with TBIs are costly and may be required throughout an individual’s entire lifetime. Additionally, a brain injury may severely inhibit an individual’s ability to work and earn an income. For these reasons, it’s important to consider taking legal action to recover compensation.

New York City residents who have been impacted by a brain injury can benefit from the legal advice and representation of attorney Ronald W. Ramirez. For more than 35 years, attorney Ramirez had advocated on behalf of individuals and their families who have been adversely impacted by accidents and injuries. He has helped numerous clients win large settlements which provide the security and financial assistance to afford the best treatments and necessary life accommodations.