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What are the symptoms of a brain injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2014 | Brain Injury

Many types of accidents can cause brain injury. From a slip and fall to a motor vehicle collision, your brain could be injured to the extent of causing you health issues both now and in the future.

If a person receives a hard hit to the head, there are many signs and symptoms that point towards a brain injury.

In some cases, the symptoms of a brain injury do not come about right away. Instead, it can take several hours, days or longer for the injury to reveal symptoms.

Some of the most common symptoms of brain injury include:

— Headaches

— Mood swings

— Poor balance accompanied by bouts of dizziness

— Loss of consciousness

— Amnesia

— Loss of memory

— Inability to concentrate

— Bad taste

— Ringing of the ears

— Confusion

If a person receives a blow to the head, regardless of the circumstances, it is important that he or she is examined by a medical professional without delay. There are times when the symptoms above are immediately noticeable, as well as situations in which these remain dormant for a period of time.

Knowing the symptoms of brain injury can help you better deal with these should you or a loved one need help. There is nothing more important than getting immediate medical help, as this can be the difference between treating the problem in the appropriate manner and having it worsen.

Once stabilized, some people opt to learn more about their legal rights. This is particularly true if another party is responsible for the incident that led to the injury.

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