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Common back, spinal cord injuries and their causes

It is easy to think that all back and spinal cord injuries are relatively similar, but this is not always true. Not only are some more serious than others, but there is a chance this could lead to physical limitations accompanied by a large amount of pain.

Some of the most common types of back injuries include: bulging disc, ruptured disc, herniated disc, broken vertebrae, sprain, strain, whiplash, and torn ligaments or muscles.

Like many, simply reading about these injuries will make you come out of your seat and be glad that you are pain free. Even minor back injuries can cause a lot of pain, while limiting what you are able to do in your day to day life.

Back and spinal cord injuries can result from seemingly harmless incidents. At the same time, there are more serious situations that can cause the same: car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slip and falls.

There is no way of knowing what will happen when a person is involved in an accident. However, back and spinal cord injuries are common.

If you or a loved one suffers from this type of injury, it could mean many years of pain and medical treatment. For some, a spinal cord injury leads to paralysis, which adds even more challenges to their life.

Nothing is more important than getting the right medical attention for your injuries. Once you are stable and feeling better about your treatment plan, you can begin your search for more information and advice on our website, starting with the page entitled “Back & Spine Injuries.”